Essential Rules


  1. Stop using Phrase “I will Try” or “I am Trying”

  2. Fear the Most High 

  3. Learn of The Most High

  4. Learn of Christ 

  5. Please the Father as Christ did

  6. Obedience is key

  7. Protect your name

  8. Be the light in this dark world

  9. Respect yourself

  10. Respect others

  11. You have a voice use it for good

  12. Learn from others

  13. Discern all things

  14. Don’t hold back truth

  15. Judge righteously

  16. Listen more than you speak

  17. Prove the others around you

  18. Be creative

  19. Be fearless

  20. Be loyal

  21. Be aware

  22. Be a leader

  23. Be a value

  24. Be a planner

  25. Be self-managed

  26. Be supportive

  27. Be strong

  28. Perfection can be reached

  29. Explore your ideas

  30. Build with others who can help you grow

  31. Build your brand with integrity

  32. Build your confidence

  33. Build relationships

  34. Find out what motivates you

  35. Make goals & execute it

  36. Show your love by your action

  37. Love your parents

  38. Don’t be complacent

  39. Don’t wait on others confirmation to pursue your dream

  40. Don’t expect a reward for something you know to do.

  41. Keep your name good among all men & women

  42. Don’t protect anyone with lies; truth will set you all free

  43. Never harden your heart

  44. Circumcise your heart

  45. Heal from your pain

  46. Don’t be ashamed of being broken, because the healing process will be your time to reflect and come back stronger

  47. Humble yourself

  48. Don’t be a bully

  49. Read a bible verse daily