Join Transforming the Future Generation Online Academy Today!

TFGA Online classes revolve primarily around the word of The Most High. The focus for our online classes is to provide life skills & Entrepreneur mindsets. These classes are not accredited; however they are definitely needed for the world we live in. Now is the time to transform the minds of our youth. They are our future and we must prepare them now rather than later. 


Course Information:

  1. Class will be 7-10 weeks (Parents will be notified if the semester is extended)

  2. A syllabus will be sent after parent application is completed

  3. TFGA curriculum will focus on Life skills & Entrepreneurship (course not accredited)

  4. Please have zoom downloaded on desktop, laptop, or phone (

  5. Monday class ages 5-10

  6. Tuesday class ages 11-13

  7. Wednesday class ages 14-18

  8. All Class times will start @ 6:30PM EST 

  9. We can do time pacific time zone if requested @ 9:30PM EST 

  10. Do not give zoom link out to anyone each class will be numbered exactly with whom ever has reserved their seat

  11. No sharing meeting ID or Password 

  12. Each week every student will need to reserve their seat via our online scheduler. 

  13. All student password logins will be different each class & sent only to the students reserved for class that day

  14. Our academy is designed to target the youth. However parents are welcome to attend as well.

  15. Our goal for each class is to be completed within 2 hours 

  16. One on One & Family private class will be offered for anyone wanting help from our founder (Jameel Jackson) to help plan your personal or family business step by step. (check our website for pricing