Meet Our Founder

Name: Jameel Jackson   Job Title: Founder    Born in Tampa, FL

Graduate from King High School in Tampa, FL 

Blessings I am Jameel Jackson, a servant of the Most High married to a beautiful women of the Most High. I was born and raised by my parents in Tampa FL graduated in 2010 and attended Belhaven Haven University in Jackson, MS. I did not graduate college went for athletics and was injured. College for me was not what I expected I went there to pursue football career and business management, even though I had a severe injure to my knee I still wanted to go after my education but felt it was a waste of time. I attended Belhaven University which is a top Academic University, but I felt their way of teaching me was not what I needed to become not just a business owner but an entrepreneur so I left was tired of being taught how to work for the corporate world instead of how to run an empire in the corporate world.

I left college in January of 2012 & started working for one of the biggest retail corporations in the world Walmart in June of 2012. I told myself I will learn all I can about managing an empire from the bottom to the top then leave and start my own. During my time their I started to learn about the God of Israel which truly came in hand because what I was learning through Walmart was great when it came to business etc. The word of God allowed me to start learning how to be the light, a true servant, and all around walk in integrity in all I do. In April of 2018 I left Walmart to start my journey not just with entrepreneurship, but also learning more about the God of Israel I was so poorly taught as a youth.

My mission after learning how to manage a corporation and the Truth of Yah lead me to opening Transforming the Future Generation Academy & starting Truth of Yah LLC. Transforming the Future Generation Academy has so much to offer our youth that many schools are not teaching our future generation. The knowledge myself and my team will be giving will be priceless. I am just so excited to be chosen to be a servant to the most high and walk in my purpose.

In closing Transforming the Future Generation Academy will stand on slogan (Renew Minds. Save Lives.) & our core values (Faith, Unity, Teach, Uplift, Respect, & Excellence), which if you take all the first letters of each word it spells Future. Our Future generation children & families are very important and I have made it my duty to be a leader to help build our future generation in Truth.

Team Members

Jameel Jackson - Online Business Consulting

Za’Nike Jackson - Online Tutor Grades K-5

Olanrewaju Faleti - Audio producer/Engineer

Jourdon Ferdinand - Web Engineer & Online Marketing

Thomas Troutman - Media Engineer

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Our Core Values

Transforming the Future Generation Academy core values are Faith, Unity, Teach, Uplift, Respect, & Excellence.


Faith is what you walk in

Unity is a must

Teach by your words & actions

Uplift the fallen in truth

Respect yourself so you can respect others

Excellence is seen not heard

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