TFGA Wal-Mart Proposal

Mission to Wal-Mart Stores

TFGA Owner: Jameel J. Jackson

I have been with Wal-Mart for 5 years and have seen many changes that benefited the company substantially. I know first-hand Wal-Mart top priorities for them to run a successful business daily. This will be my top priorities in the Academy! My academy will focus on strictly Wal-Mart all around business.

TFGA will benefit any Wal-Mart store but we will be located in Hillsborough County near markets 111,112,113, and 559. I want to attack the markets I know so well because I know what the associates need and the Wal-Mart to be successful at meeting many goals. Wal-Mart founder and late CEO Sam Walton stated “Listen to everyone in your company” which I have for the past 5 years from hourly associates to salaried members. The associates stated they need a childcare that will focus on strictly Wal-Mart employees. This will help Wal-Mart stores build talent in the company more availability will open throughout the stores, because no one is rushing to get off to pick their children up from childcare by 6 pm which can cause ROP to fail and Alive @ 5 to not be executed 100%, and OSCA to fail because now it tracks from 2 pm until 9 pm. The evening hours from 4 pm to 9 pm are crucial in Wal-Mart stores. I can guarantee we will commit to our business which means we will commit to Wal-Mart business. Which is another quote the Late Sam Walton stated “Commit to your business” which that will be the focus. We just want to make everyone in Wal-Mart and nearby communities aware of the great things that will be taken place in the near future with TFGA starting with surroundings Wal-Mart stores.

Whomever this may concern, please do not be alarmed we will expand throughout cities and states we just want to build a brand in our home areas and starting with the markets that we know need it the most. As I stated above we will focus on Wal-Mart top priorities at all time as we transform each of your employees children mind. TFGA will give Wal-Mart employees more opportunities to strive in the business whether in the stores and in the company.

  • ROP

  • CFF

  • Building talent

  • OSCA

  • Turnover

  • PUT

  • Alive @ 5

  • Pathways


Theses priorities above our academy will guarantee improvement in each area, because we will take excuses out of the associate’s mind when it comes to childcare. I know first-hand the reason the staff gives “I have no childcare”; “The schools are close so I have to watch my children”; “I have to set my availability where I cannot work past 4pm because VPK says I have to get my child or children by 4:30pm”; (VPK is a government assistant program they only allows parents to register and qualify for help, but have to align the schedule that VPK told them to follow)   “My children childcare and public schools are closed today it is a holiday.” TFGA can cancel out the calling off when it has to do with child care which can decrease the turnover rate and bring more talent to the company. We feel the high turnover is the big part in the stores throughout the company especially market 111, 112, 113, and 559 which is not meeting the goal in turnover, ROP, OSCA, CFF, ETC.


In order to successfully achieve these goals we have to have reliable associates that come to work. Granted it is other issues that can cause someone to call out, but the main reason is our associate’s children. We want to put a stop to losing great associates due to child care, because I can honestly say we have lost some great associates in the company behind child care. We also are getting looked past by potentially great associates not because Wal-Mart is not a career job opportunity, but because our company hours are hard to work with when no child care facility are committing to help parents who work in the greatest retail company on EARTH. It is TFGA MISSION to give the associates what they need to have an opportunity to have growth in the best retail company I ever worked for Wal-Mart.


First 15 Walmart Associates in each age group will get a discount when registering. All Walmart Associates must have WIN Number, without WIN Number no discounts will be given. 


I have opportunity to “pay back” the love and appreciation I feel for Wal-Mart. TFGA academy will strengthen community relations, build lifelong employee associations and improve  “Esprit de Corps”.


The take a ways for Wal-Mart:

  • Employee Loyalty

  • Reduced Turnover

  • Happier Employees

  • Increased Revenues

  • Competent Associates

  • Public Relation


I am in a unique position of understanding the critical goals and priorities of Wal-Mart programs. I will adapt our childcare principles and programs to benefit Wal-Mart, associates, local communities and TFGA.  

Details on:

  • Facility Design and Locations

  • Staff Qualifications and Credentials

  • Educational Core Programs

  • Operating Hours

  • Student Costs

  • Continuing Expansions on Locations


We will be forthcoming upon request!    

Thank you sincerely, 

Jameel J Jackson